Buckle up, it's Girls' Night at Click! West Seattle

Are you local to the Seattle area and dying to try Naked Truth Beauty in the flesh? Pine no longer! We'll be at Click! in West Seattle this Thursday, October 19th from 6-9pm for Girls' Night. So grab your girlfriends and head out to the West Seattle Junction for a fun night out on the town, and meet three women-owned businesses while you're at it (spoiler, I'll be one of them!). 

Click! Design That Fits
4540 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

What's in your cleaning products? Californians may soon find out.

CA on Track to Pass Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

If someone told my younger self that someday the words "cleaning product labels" and "legislation" in a sentence together would cause me great excitement, I would have been understandably skeptical. But here we are! 

How Aloe Exposes Truths of the Beauty Industry

How Aloe Exposes Truths of the Beauty Industry

I was talking to a lady boss friend recently (shout-out to Adrienne Krieger of Everling Jewelry – seriously, go check her out) about the pervasive presence of aloe vera in makeup products.

How to Choose the Best Oil for Your Skin

How to Choose the Best Oil for Your Skin

It's no longer a secret that oil is an excellent moisturizer, but it can be overwhelming to choose the best facial oil for your skin when there are so many options. Let's take a look at components to consider, and explore some favorite oils.

The Truth about Natural Beauty

We wear makeup for lots of reasons: it enhances natural features, disguises blemishes, it's fun, and it can make us feel good.

The truth about natural beauty

Despite the laundry list of reasons for wearing makeup that I'm sure we could collectively come up with, I worry that, too often, there's an emphasis on covering up, on creating features we don't have but wish we did, on trying to craft ourselves into some idealized view of beauty.

Why Oil is Good for Your Skin

We believe in the power of cream-based formulas. While this is different from the powders you may be used to, our butter and oil-based products work double-duty to nourish your skin while imparting the pigment you're looking for. Read on to find out why oil and skin make such a good pair.

"Oil free" is one of the greatest rouses ever sold by the cosmetics industry. When it comes to radiant, healthy skin, oil is the original beauty secret. 

Toxins in Your Cosmetics and What You Need to Know


Let's talk about rules! I promise, this will be exciting.

While "rules" may not sound like a thrilling conversation topic, this information is the foundation for all of the "green" chatter we see when hunting for personal care products. It is also the reason why I urge you to be your own personal regulatory agency.

Generally speaking, there is a shared assumption among U.S. consumers that stores wouldn't sell cosmetics products if they were harmful to human health. This is a very reasonable assumption. If the FDA closely regulates food and drugs, doesn't it do the same for cosmetics, another category under its purview?

The short answer is "yes," but the more accurate answer is "no."

Toxins in Your Cosmetics and What you Need to Know


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