naked truth beauty

Product Close-out

Dear Beauties,

It's with a heavy-but-hopeful heart that I write you today to announce that I'll be closing down the product component of Naked Truth Beauty on May 18th, 2020. But! Silver Lining! Everything is on super sale until then.

In the days following the close-out sale, I'll be bringing Naked Truth Beauty back to its blog origins, à la 7 years ago, and relaunching the site as a research-based resource dedicated to providing practical, non-judgmental information and tips for everyday beauty decisions.

Though it's difficult to say goodbye to something I still believe in and have poured so much of myself into with the help and loving support of my family, friends, and so many of you, I'm excited for the future. 

Now that we — thankfully — live in a world where "clean" beauty options are abundant, my goal for the rebirthed Naked Truth Beauty is to create clarity and accessibility around ethical personal care and sustainable living. I believe that doing the best we can with small changes adds up to big impacts that will promote the health of our bodies, communities, and planet.

Thank you for every email you've opened, every link you've clicked, every like, every order, every nice thing you've said to me or anyone else about the brand. Your support has meant the world to me.

To celebrate this goodbye:

  • Everything is 30% off ($18 a tube, what a deal!)
  • All orders over $70 will receive a FREE special something (like a full-sized product)
  • Shipping is always free over $50

Help me to welcome this new season of life for Naked Truth Beauty by taking this super-duper-short survey to tell me what you'd like to see.

Shine on, my Beauties,


*No copyright infringement intended, I just love you, Jenny Lewis