9 Reasons Why NTB is Perfect Mom Makeup



The ritual of makeup is one that changes over time, influenced by beauty trends, new techniques, or – for many of us – becoming a mom.

For new moms, there are constraints of time, changing skin (yay, hormones and sleep deprivation!), and mischievous, grabby hands. For moms with more years under their belts, there's the challenging fact that so much of the makeup world is intended for young skin. For everyone, everywhere, there's the added obstacle that makeup can be irritating to skin, and feel gross to wear.

Happily, Naked Truth Beauty navigates all of these – it's the perfect mom makeup.

It's Flattering on All Ages

A surprising number of products only look good on young faces, and I've met many women who worry (from experience) that makeup will settle into fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, will be too shiny/glittery, or will look otherwise garish. I'm here to toot my own horn and to tell you that NTB products steer clear of these dreaded pitfalls, and are flattering on the lips, cheeks, and eyelids of Beauties of all ages.

It Makes Skin Look Healthier

Sleepless nights and changing hormones can do a number on your skin, and sometimes moms want makeup to help us fake a little pep. NTB cream formulas create a non-greasy, dewy finish that helps skin to look its healthiest, while pigment adds brightness, subtle definition, and pops of color.

It Helps Skin to be Healthier

The first ingredient in every product is organic, unrefined Shea butter, which is naturally anti-inflammatory, ultra moisturizing, and collagen-stimulating. The rest of the formula is non-toxic and made of simple and clean, organic plant oils to nourish her skin without clogging pores or causing irritation. Think of it as skincare with color.

It Highlights Natural Beauty

The secret to why NTB looks good on everyone is because it's all about letting natural beauty shine. The product is meant to amplify the beauty she's got – not to cover it up. It's impossible to go wrong with a goal like that.

It's a Time and Space Saver

These formulas are buildable so as to be multipurpose. That means one "lipstick" can be used as lip tint, blush, eyeshadow, and contour (color depending, of course). That means Mama is saving time during application (no switching product to product), space in her makeup bag, and only needs to remember one item when she's on the go.

It's Tool-Free

The cream formula blends with the warmth of skin, making fingers the perfect application tool. That means there's no need for brushes, and – better yet – no need to clean brushes. (If brushes are her thing, go for it, they're just not necessary.)

It's Fast and Easy to Apply

These are swipe, blend, and go products, making them an excellent choice for the mom on the go. The nature of the buildable pigment means they're tough to screw up, so hastily throwing on some blush and highlighter in the rearview mirror in the parking lot is a breeze.

It's Variable

The buildable pigment means these products can be used in different ways, even on the same feature. For example, the lipstick is perfect for taking a look from "day" to "night." Worn lightly, Wednesdays is a perfect, soft pink; worn at full application, it's pin-up glam.

It's Good for her Children

Moms want a better world for their children, and that means making better choices one day at a time. NTB packaging is 100% biodegradable to make as small of a footprint as possible.

For a Mama who's new to NTB, "As If" lip & cheek, "Lumos" highlighter, and "Little Town" lid are great places to start.

Questions about what color best suits your mama? Send me a message at lauren@nakedtruthbeauty.com